Site Information


Elchenburg Castle, 1 Elchenburg Castle Place,  Boonville, NC, 27011

Site Restrictions:  No smoking allowed in any buildings on site. Pets must
be on a leash or otherwise controlled and contained by the owner.


From the South: Take your best route to I-77 North. Take Exit 82 and turn right at the
end of the exit ramp.

*Proceed less than a mile and turn right onto Messick Rd. Proceed to the end of
Messick Rd. and turn left on Center Rd. Approx. 9 miles later Mitchel Chapel United
Methodist Church is on the left. Elchenburg Farm is 4/10ths of a mile further on right.
Turn right on gravel road Elchenburg Castle Pl. Signs will be posted.

From Hwy 421: Proceed to intersection with I-77 North, Exit 82, use directions from *
From the North: Take your best route to I-81 then to I-77 South to Exit 82, turn left at
the exit ramp, use directions from *

From the East: Be Aware, signs from this direction are routinely stolen. Be certain to
have a backup for finding site. From Interstate 40, take Exit 188 to Highway 421 West
toward Boone and Yadkinville. Continue on 421 until the Yadkinville/Highway 601 Exit
257. Turn Right at light onto 601. In 4/10s mile at light turn Left on W. Lee St. At Light
turn left onto West Main St/old Hwy 421. About 7/10ths of a mile just before Harmony
Grove Friends Meetinghouse turn Right on Booger Swamp Rd, and at the end of
Booger Swamp, turn Right on Center Rd. Travel 2.2 miles, Elchenburg is on the Left.
Turn left on Elchenburg Castle Pl. If you see the Mitchel Chapel United Methodist
Church, you have gone too far.


Event Rules: Please respect the Site, Staff, and Each Other. Dial 9-1-1 for

  • Please respect the buildings and accoutrements of the site. Do not climb on the
    Castle or any site structure.
  • The kitchen and freezers in the farm house are for the use of staff and site
    residents only. If you have medicine that must be refrigerated contact the
    autocrat to make arrangements.
  • If you, your child and/or your pet or livestock make a mess, please clean it up.
    Your children, pets, and/or livestock must be supervised at all times. Pets and/or
    livestock MUST be leashed or contained. You are responsible for any damage
    they may do. Pets owners may be asked to provide proof of vaccinations if they
    are involved in a biting incident. Animal owners and must properly dispose of
    their animal's waste.
  • Fires, torches, candles, or other open flame must be supervised at all times and
    extinguished properly.
  • Please deposit your trash in provided containers or pack it out.
  • Please put the lid down in Portalets. This forces the odors up the vent pipe and
    keeps the Portalets much less stinky.
    Deposit left-over firewood in the tree line where it will not damage machinery.
  • Please, don’t leave it on the field
  • Properly dispose of ash and coal in the ravine or in the trees after ensuring they
    are completely extinguished.
  • Please be aware of the horses on site. Stay clear and avoid being kicked.
    Please do not approach, pet, or feed any animal on site without the owner’s
    express permission.
  • No fireworks. No firearms. No cannons. No exceptions.
  • Modern World Laws are in full force on site. Please do not do anything to
    require police or other emergency responders’ presence.
  • The legal drinking age in North Carolina is 21. Do not drink alcohol if you are
    not of age. Ensure you do not serve alcohol to anyone who is not of age.
    Observe the law.

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